Cell phones have grown from a novelty to a necessity for millions of people around the world. Once only accessible for business executives or the wealthy, cell phones are now available to all, through either a contract or with pay-as-you-go billing. The mobile phone has continued to evolve, becoming smaller, slimmer and with more robust features each year. Smartphones are now the fastest growing segment of the cell phone market, blending powerful business apps along with the ability to connect wirelessly almost anywhere in the world. The Cell Phone Catalog is here to keep you informed of the latest developments in the cell phone industry. Learn about GPS phones, Bluetooth technology, text messaging and more.

Discover Bluetooth technology that frees your hands and eliminates wires while synchronizing your personal devices.


Cell Phone Accessories

Since mobile phones became popular in the late '90s, cell phone accessories that protect, personalize or enhance their functionality have likewise become fashionable. Accessories like faceplates, cellular chargers, batteries, holsters and hands-free devices are some favorites. Get informed on cell phone accessories.

Cell Phone Features

When it comes to choosing which phone to buy, it's often the one with the most features for less money that wins out. But not all features are considered equal. Learn about the best cell phone features you shouldn't be without and find what to look for regarding battery type, screen size, ergonomics and price.

Cell Phone Manufacturers

Get information on the most popular cell phone manufacturers in the North American cell phone market. Discover the type of mobile phones that each company specializes in, as well as some of their background and where they fit in the marketplace. Learn about cell phone manufacturers and make an informed buying decision.

Smartphones combine advanced computer functionality along with the ability to communicate by voice wirelessly. They come bundled with operating systems and applications for everything from email, personal organizers and spreadsheets to built-in cameras, D-pads and touch screens for navigational purposes. Dive into Smartphone technology.


Finding a cell phone plan that meets the budgetary needs of your business can be tough. Learn to find the best.

Business Cell Phone Plans

Keep costs down by paying in advance with prepaid cell phones. See how it feels to communicate without a contract.

Prepaid Cell Phones